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KS Law offers a comprehensive range of legal services to its clients, including but are not limited to the following:

Commercial Law

With the introduction of the new Companies Act, it is important for small, medium and large organizations to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. The Commercial Law side of the practice works closely with the other departments.

Property Law, including all aspects of Conveyancing and Bonds

Let us help you with all of your property needs. Our highly experienced team provides a wide variety of legal assistances and services regarding Property Law.

 Divorce and Family Law

Our foremost aim is to achieve an amicable settlement between the parties seeking divorce in order to avoid any further conflict. We make sure to leave no stone un-turned in safeguarding the rights of our clients.

Debt Collection

We provide professional advice to small, medium and big corporations on how to recover their debts & how to mitigate the impacts of unpaid debts on its overall finances by
implementing ethical values in our operations

Labour Law

Our team has a robust track record in advising and representing our clients at all levels ranging from the Bargaining Council, CCMA and Labour Courts

Liquidations and Insolvent Estate Administration

We are well placed to advise clients on all aspects of insolvency whether it be voluntary or court sanctioned winding up processes.

Motor Vehicle Accident claims

While you can claim against the RAF yourself, our highly experienced team are skilled in structuring your claim to maximise your compensation, ranging from lodgement through to litigation.

Deceased Estate Administration

We assist our clients in fulfilling the duties of the executor as fast and efficient as possible. This includes collecting any monies owing to the deceased person, settling any debts incurred before the death and ensuring that all the heirs receive their inheritance. We will assist you with all the red tape from reporting the estate, to finalising the liquidation and distribution account.

Magistrates Court Civil and High Court Civil Litigation

Our litigation department handle cases from local litigation to complex international disputes.

Our extensive experience in litigation from district courts through to the Supreme Court of Appeal facilitates our clients being adequately informed and prepared for a vast array of civil disputes.

Estate Planning

Estate planning should be an essential part of every person's financial planning. It provides protection both during a person's life and after they pass on and allows individuals to give specific instructions regarding their own medical care, their property, and who will have the authority to make decisions on their behalf. We handle transactions and litigation in all matters related to Estate Planning.


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